Raise of investments in french start-ups

Good news ! After the peak reached in year 2000 and the sluggish period since 2002, it seems that investments in French starts-ups are reaching a solid level. This is what we learn from a Chausson Finance study, which lists since 1998 these investments from 49 capital-risk companies.

2006 first semester shows a global increase of 24% compared to the same period last year. 370 M€ have been invested in 259 companies. This figure confirms the recovery of the French IT sector since 2005 second semester.

French investments evolution
(Copyright Chausson Finance)

With more than 100 M€, Telecom and Internet sector is the one that shows the biggest increase (+ 83%). It is now the first invested sector ahead of sotwares and biotech sectors.

Another interersting point: capital share dedicated to first round investments has increased by 20%.

Let’s hope we’ll see new firms and services in the French IT sector !

Chausson Finance
L’indicateur (pdf in french)
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